Current Predoctoral Scholars

Nathan Loewke

BS: Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA

MS: Electrical Engineering, Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA

Mentor: Christopher Contag, PhD

Research: Current research focuses on the development of miniaturized optical microscopy designs and modalities to address unmet clinical needs including point-of-care pathology, image-guided surgical resection and therapy, monitoring response to topical therapies, in vivo flow cytometry for noninvasive circulating tumor cell quantitation, and early detection of various biological diseases. My personal work focuses on writing software for each of these custom devices, signal generation and sampling, image processing and analysis, computer vision techniques such as optical flow and image mosaicing, and alternative point-scanning scanning techniques for confocal instruments. Of particular interest is the miniaturization of dual-axis confocal microscopes and their potential for clinical use.