Division News

A compilation of professional and academic accomplishments and recognition in the popular press. 

In Brief


  • Vinod Bhutani, MD, and William Rhine, MD, organized an international neonatology conference in Shenzhen, China on November 17 & 18. There were a total of 5 speakers from Stanford, including 3 from our division, as well as other U.S. and Chinese lecturers.
  • Alistair G.S. Philip, MD, retired as editor-in-chief of NeoReviews, a position that he had held since 2006. David Stevenson, MD, and Henry Lee, MD, MS Epi, and senior research scientist Ronald Wong write about Dr. Philip’s impressive career in neonatology as a mentor, teacher, colleague and friend in this Historical Perspectives piece for NeoReviews. Dr. Philip is a professor emeritus of pediatrics at Stanford.


Notable Publications

Henry C. Lee, MD, MS Epi, is senior author on a paper in The Journal of Pediatrics on the effect of level of care on gastroschisis outcomes. Findings indicate outcomes were improved if patients with gastroschisis were born at higher level NICUs. The odds of mortality, of spending more days on ventilation, and of having a longer duration of hospital stay were significantly higher for babies born at lower level NICUs, IIA/B and IIIB centers. This work used data from 130 California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative centers collected between 2008 and 2014. The first author of the paper is a former Stanford medical student, Jordan Apfeld, who spent a year doing research with Dr. Lee and was funded by the Medical Scholars Research Program. Dr. Apfeld is now a surgery resident at Cleveland Clinics. Karl Sylvester, MD, of Pediatric Surgery was a senior investigator on the project.