Our mission is to advance neonatal care by facilitating interaction between innovators in design, development, translation, and commercialization of technology. 

2nd Annual NeoDesign Focus Group: Re-engineering Newborn Health Care Technologies


  • Understand and incorporate "design thinking" into clinical workflow and  innovation efforts
  • Better appreciate and address barriers to neonatal design that may limit the provision of healthcare solutions in under-resourced environments
  • Recognize and meet the clinical, business, and ethical challenges of testing new devices and technologies in neonatal care
  • Network with potential mentors and collaborators in this field


Date & Time: TBD, between May 5 – 8, 2018

Venue: TBD

Room: TBD

Participants: This focus group is open to anyone who is interested in the development and application of new devices and technology in neonatal care.

Speaker Series

Each month we invite an inventor or innovator to speak at our meeting and host a networking event open to those who are interested in the development and application of new devices and technology in neonatal care

The series provides attendees with the opportunity to interact very closely with thought leaders in the field of neonatal device design and gain an appreciation for the clinical, business and ethical challenges that may arise. We encourage speakers to articulate their vision, and share their insights and the lessons they have learned during the design process.

Speakers 2016-2017

  • April 2016: Inaugural meeting
  • May 2016: Avijit Bansal, MD, CEO, Windmill Health 
  • June 2016: James Wall, MD, Founder, InSite Medical Technologies and Assistant Director, Stanford Biodesign
  • July 2016: Casey Trubo and Vensh Narayan, D-Rev
  • September 2016: Juan Walterspeil, MD, Inventor, Pediatric ID Specialist
  • October 2016: Avik Pal, Founder, CEO, CliniOps, Inc.
  • November 2016: Josh Bress, MD, Founder, Global Strategies
  • December 2016: Pavan Kumar, CEO, Cocoon Cam
  • January 2017: Tom Bumgardner and David Gunn, CEO and COO, respectively, of SonarMed
  • March 2017: Vidur Bhatnagar, CEO, Keriton
  • April 2017: Anurag Mairal, PhD, Founder, Orbees Medical
  • May 2017John Zupancic, MD, ScD, Physician-Scientist, Boston Children's Hosptial