Safety Learning Laboratory for Neonatal and Maternal Care

Project Summary

While maternal admission for newborn birth is the most common reason for hospital admission, labor and delivery still comes with substantial risk to both mother and baby. In fact, the U.S. infant mortality rate is three times greater than that of other developed countries, and the U.S. maternal mortality ratio has increased in recent years.

The Safety Learning Laboratory for Neonatal and Maternal Care (SLLNMC) conducts research to improve the safety and quality of care provided to mothers and babies during labor and delivery.

Our goals:

  1. Develop an optimal neonatal data display
  2. Develop an optimal maternal data display
  3. Devise a toolkit for early recognition and prevention of maternal clinical deterioration
  4. Design the optimal physical layout of the labor and delivery suite

This project was funded under grant number 5 P30 HS023506 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The investigators are solely responsible for this webpage’s contents, findings, and conclusions, which do not necessarily represent the views of AHRQ. Readers should not interpret any statement on this webpage as an official position of AHRQ or of HHS. None of the investigators has any affiliation or financial involvement that conflicts with the material presented on this webpage.


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Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Lillian Sie, Project Manager, (650) 736-9936

Dr. Henry Lee, Associate Professor, (650) 725-8046

Learn more about our collaborator, the Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education (CAPE).


Principal InvestigatorLou Halamek, MD, FAAP / Professor, Pediatrics & Director of CAPE (Stanford)

Co-InvestigatorHenry Lee, MD, MS, FAAP / Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Stanford)

Project 1 LeaderJanene Fuerch, MD, FAAP / Clinical Instructor, Pediatrics (Stanford)

Project 2 LeaderKay Daniels, MD / Clinical Professor, Ob-gyn (Stanford)

Project 3 LeaderAudrey Lyndon, PhD, RN, FAAN / Associate Professor, School of Nursing (USCF)

Project 4 Leader: Naola Shaneal Austin, MD/ Clinical Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology (Stanford)

Project ManagerLillian Sie, MPH

Lead Consultants:

EngineerDoug Schwandt, MS / MotionGenesis

DesignerJules Sherman, MFA / JS Design Group, Inc. & Maternal Life, LLC

Team Members:

Julie Arafeh

Lorena Behrmann

Janine Bergin

Ritu Chitkara

Neha Chopra

Allison Cong

Susan Crowe

Arun Gupta

Laura Hedli

Ethan Li

Anna Lue

Amy Ma

Russell Meeks

Allison McDonald

Kimber Padua

Dan Nathan-Roberts

Chris Rothe

Jennifer Rudy, Patient/Parent Advocate

Kenji Sotto

Sanaa Suharwardy

Linh Tran-Ito

Ya'el Weiner

Nicole Yamada

Amanda Yeaton-Massey

Mary Yurashevich

Marya Zlatnik


Ivette Gutierrez

Colleen Hamilton

Michael Kolatis

John Kowalczyk

Alexandria Kristensen-Cabrera

Awe Lapcharoensap

Steven Lipman

Jennifer Malana

Allan Ndovu

Maya Prasad

Merrick Tan

Madeleine Weiss