2017 Faculty Publications


Tawfik, D. S., Sexton, J. B., Kan, P., Sharek, P. J., Nisbet, C. C., Rigdon, J., Lee, H. C., & Profit, J. (2017). Burnout in the neonatal intensive care unit and its relation to healthcare-associated infections. J Perinatol, 37(3), 315-320. 

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Number of publications

quarter: 34

year to date: 34

Tu, J. H., Profit, J., Melsop, K., Brown, T., Davis, A., Main, E., & Lee, H. C. (2017). Relationship of Hospital Staff Coverage and Delivery Room Resuscitation Practices to Birth AsphyxiaAm J Perinatol, 34(3), 259-263.

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