Current Postdoctoral Scholars

Li Li, PhD

PhD: City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA

Mentor: Anca Pasca, MD

Research: During my postdoctoral training, I continue to pursue my interest in studying human brain development and relevant diseases that interfere brain development in the early stages of life due to genetic and environmental factors. I apply a cutting-edge modeling system — brain organoids developed in-house — to discern how premature birth causes neurodevelopmental defects at both cellular and molecular levels. I use diverse technologies such as transcriptome analysis, epigenomic analysis, and CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, with the ultimate goal of identifying targeted therapeutics for premature babies.

Awards: I am honored to be a 2021 recipient of Stanford Maternal & Child Health Research Institute's Postdoctoral Award. I am passionate about mentoring young scientists and was awarded the Stanford Bio-X Star Mentor Award. 

Marina Magalhães, RN, PhD

PhD: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Mentor: Suzan Carmichael, PhD

Research: My postdoctoral research is focused on maternal health outcomes, which continue to worsen in the United States. I am working with the Carmichael Lab to investigate the association between severe maternal morbidity and a variety of factors including health care, maternal nutrition, social disadvantage, and health equity.

Additional Education and Experience: I am also a nurse by training with a background in newborn intensive care. My pre-doctoral research focused on optimizing nutrition of preterm critically ill infants in the NICU and supporting families to reach their lactation goals.

MK Quinn, MPH, PhD

PhD: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Mentor: Henry Lee, MD

Research: I previously studied how the timing and interaction of nutrition and medical interventions affects maternal and neonatal health. My research goals are to use advanced epidemiological methods to answer perinatal health questions and reduce inequities in maternal and newborn health. I am working with Dr. Lee to develop and evaluate social and clinical interventions for the care of very preterm infants.

Additional Education and Experience: I have a Master of Science degree from Harvard and a Master of Public of Health degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Curisa Tucker, RN, PhD

PhD: University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Mentor: Suzan Carmichael, PhD

Research: My research focuses on examining health disparities and severe maternal morbidity.

Additional Education and Experience: I have a master's degree in nursing and bachelor's degree in biology. My dissertation used medical expenditure panel survey data to examine the impact of patient-centered medical homes and personally mediated racism measures on severe maternal morbidity outcomes.