Division News

A compilation of professional and academic accomplishments and recognition in the popular press

In Brief


  • Our Division had a strong showing at this year’s virtual PAS with 28 posters, 14 platforms, 1 panel and 1 workshop. Many were presented live or made available on-demand.
  • A high-profile paper published in the Science Translational Medicine shows how researchers are getting closer to predicting the onset of labor. Findings reveal changes in the maternal metabolome, proteome, and immunome that are associated with a shift from ongoing pregnancy to a pre-labor phase of 2-4 weeks. Stanford co-authors include Laura Peterson, MD, Gary Darmstadt, MD, Gary Shaw, DrPH, and David Stevenson, MD.
  • Chandani DeZure, MD, was invited by the Ministry of Health for the Republic of Kazakhstan to give a keynote lecture on COVID-19 in newborns.


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